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I've had such a lazy Sunday, and it's been fab!  I've really enjoyed simply reading, relaxing, pottering round the house and tucking into a big Sunday dinner - it doesn't happen very often!  Another thing that doesn't seem to happen that often anymore is my weekly update.  What do you guys think of these type of posts?  I know a lot of bloggers do something similar, I enjoy having a quick browse over them, but do you?  I'm thinking of only doing them once a month, but let me know what you think in the comments below.  Do love have a nosey or do these posts bore you?  I'd love to know!

Passing the bomb on New Year  ●  ... The early hours of New Year!    My niece watched a lot of Moomins on my phone while she was visting over December and January, and I randomly found this picture!    First Creme Egg of 2013!    Selfie!    Dessert at a family meal    Footsteps in the snow    Our abandoned Christmas Tree covered in snow    Me covered in snow!    My coffee has a heart :)    Ingredients    Thai Red Curry    More Snow!    A Saturday morning's work - clearing out my wardrobe and I filled two bags for Charity!    NOTD - Essie Lilacism    I love reading about places I know in novels ( La Grotta - a nightclub in Gozo featured in AJ Quinnell's A Perfect Kill)    Nighttime    I have finally started to enjoy using the Hydraluron Moisture Booster (read my review here)!

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  1. lovely photos, loving the essie polish! xo



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