New Hair

Happy Sunday!  I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  I just wanted to put up a quick post to show you my new hair.  No great changes, it's a bit of a mess because I was caught it rain/ hail leaving the hair dressers and the pictures don't quite do it justice because they were taken around 4:30 pm - so really bad light!  But here we go.

I hadn't had my hair cut in FIVE MONTHS!  Shocking I know.  But I have quite a phobia of hairdressers, they never seem to listen to what I want!  Luckily, I think I've found a nice one now though!  I've had a good 3-4 inches chopped off with a few long layers.  If you look through my last few outfit posts, you can see that my hair was looking a bit 'brassy' through the mid sections, towards the ends.  I wanted to get rid of this and go back to my darker 'roots', whilst also keeping the lighter ends (but without being in your face ombre).

My lovely hair dresser seemed to know exactly what I was after.   She put a few highlights underneath while running a darker toner through the rest, concentrating on the roots.  I'm really pleased with it!

(In case you're interested)
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  1. You're hair looks gorgeous, why does it always rain when you have your hair done, so annoying. I really need to take a trip to the hairdressers myself but it's something I always put off, I think I might have a little phobia too :)

  2. Looks lovely! I'm a stylist & I'm terrified to let people do my hair so I'm definitely with you in that one. It's always nice to find someone who actually listens. xx

  3. Lovee your new hair! Looks gorgeous and bouncy. Wanna swap?

    Paula ♥ | xo

  4. it looks so healthy and shiny. you look beautiful. I already follow you :) love Em xx


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