REVIEW: 17 BB Cream SPF 25

17 BB Cream SPF 25 Medium17 BB Cream SPF 25 MediumBeauty Blog Review 17 BB Cream SPF 25 Medium

17 BB Cream SPF 25 (Medium)  -  £6.99  (Boots)

I'm a total BB Cream convert now.  It's very rare I wear a foundation, or even a simple tinted moisturiser now.  I'm not entirely sure what it is I prefer about them, I certainly haven't had fewer 'blemishes' since I've started using BB Creams!  I do think that BB Creams leave my skin that bit softer though, even if I haven't noticed all the other supposed benefits that they clam to have for the skin too.

I bought the 17 BB cream purely because I needed a new one, and this was nice and cheap!  I don't often buy anything from the 17 range and I thought I'd give this a go.  When I first bought the BB Cream, in the shade medium, I still had that bit of summer colour left - so didn't notice any issues, but now that I'm well and truly pale, I have noticed it's a little on the yellow side.  The deepness of the medium shade still doesn't cause me too many issues, the relatively thick cream does soak in nicely.  You may be able to see this in the 'blended out' image above, compared to the first image of my hand you really can see how it really evens out the skin tone.

Despite being a bit disappointed with the colouring, and thinking that the 30ml bottle was a little small, I was impressed with the high SPF.  With living in the UK, an SPF of 25 may be seen as over the top, but there's nothing wrong with being over protected!  I do think that this high SPF might have contributed to the biggest negative for this product though - for me at least.  I have a tendency to get quite oily, and after even an hour with this product on my skin I'd notice my forehead getting pretty oily  :(  A bit of powder quickly solves it, but I'm not the type of person to be reapplying powder throughout the day...

I'm happy to finish off the tube of the 17 BB Cream, but I don't think I'll be buying it again anytime soon, even in a lighter shade.  I'm still to review it, but I'm a big fan of the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream, which is really great at controlling shine, so I think I'll be sticking to that instead.

What do you think of BB Creams?  Let me know if you've tried the 17 BB Cream!

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  1. I bought this before they changed it slightly, it really didn't agree with me and I completely agree about the colouring, it was exactly the same for me, x

  2. In Portugal I used to wear sunscreen and I still using it in the UK haha. I love BB Creams to, they are amazing.


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