Picture Update #24

UK Lifestyle Blogger Week In Pictures

* Well... I forgot to press publish on this - my week in photos from about 2 weeks ago!  Enjoy!!  :)

The most amazing risotto ever!  Leek and roast chestnuts!  |  The loveliest Thank You card ever, from the newly wed happy couple!  |  A quick pic from my friend, Charlotte's, wedding - where I was a bridesmaid!  |  NOTD  |  American Sweets!  |  My first red cup of the season (gingerbread latte)!  |  Beautiful autumn trees opposite my work  |  A yummy Jamie Oliver Salad from Boots  |  The Handmade Burger Co.!  |  A funny cow  |  Homemade Pizza!!  |  Sparkly NOTD!  |  One of favourite pictures of me and my niece in Gozo, this time next week she'll be visiting England!  Excited!  |  Christmas candle!!  |  My crazy tea light drawer :-S

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