Picture Update #25

I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas!  December has been a busy month for me.  There has hardly been a weekend where I've been home.  Also, with family visiting from Malta, various illnesses (I don't think there's been a cold or a virus that I haven't caught), a new additions to the family (congratulations Cath and Gary!), work, holidays, Christmas and family gatherings - I've hardly had time to blog!  As I'm sure you've noticed!  So here's a little catch up of my month via instagram pictures.  Don't forget to follow me: @charlcollection

Cocktails at The Elk in the Woods, Angel  |  An espresso at the Everyman Cinema, Islington - love this cinema!  |  Ring of fire!  |  Weekend away with the girls  |  The start of the Christmas decorations - I love these bells!  |  Our Christmas Tree!  |  My favourite decoration on the tree!  |  Poor little lobsters and crabs in a French supermarket :(  |  Going out for a bike ride, on holiday in France  |  Relaxing with my mum and baby niece!  |  Waiting for The Hobbit to start!  What did you guys think of it, if you've seen it?  |  Hanging with the family  |  On the York Wheel!  |  My sister in York  |  Sophia hiding in her toy box!  |  Wagamama's!  |  Cliff - The perfect gift this Christmas?!  :-S  |  The most amazing Christmas ice cream pudding - with popping candy!!

What did you get up to this December?  Link me up in the comments below i you blogged about it!

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