OUTFIT: Merino Wool on The Beach

cloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots Blog Outfit Review
It's been a while since I posted an outfit on my blog, so I thought what better than to show you a few pictures from my recent trip to France!  Barnville-Carteret is one of my favourite places in Normandy to have a wonder round the french boutiques and stunning sand dunes.

Despite it being a particularly cold December in the UK it wasn't too cold in northern France - in comparison.  After being swamped in layers in the UK, I loved being able to just chuck on a small faux leather Jacket and a snood!  For extra warmth I stuck to my new 'Ugg' style merino wool boots from cloggs.co.uk which I've been pretty attached to lately!

It felt kind of strange walking on a beach in woollen boots and not flip flops, but apparently the sheepskin boots that led to the 'Ugg' craze all started out on the beach - with surfers wearing them in 70's australia to warm up their feet after being in the water!

These cloggs.co.uk boots are really great quality, I love the classic chestnut colour and the pretty crowned stamped plate detail on the heel.  The wool lining is the softest, most cushioned and comfortable thing ever!  The heel and sole are super sturdy, so most importantly, in no way do you feel like you're wearing slippers!!

Oasis Faux Leather Jacket  |  Primark Jumper  |  French Connection Snood  |  Primark Jeans  |  Ebay Bag  |  Cloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots*

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cloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots Blog Outfit Reviewcloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots Blog Reviewcloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots Blog Reviewcloggs.co.uk Merino Wool Boots Blog Review



  1. Those boots look so so snug, love the colour. Hope you had a great trip, gorgeous pictures! X


  2. the beach looks lovely. gorgeous piccies x

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I'd love to be on that beach right now! I also love your bag - where is it from? x

    1. Hi Jayne! There's a link in this post :)


  4. Love the jacket and snood! You look lovely, and your photos of the beach are beautiful!


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