REVIEW: Sanctuary Spa: Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

Beauty Blog Review Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth CleanserBeauty Blog Review Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser

I'm a massive Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish fan, but when I recently ran out of my last bottle I wanted to try something new - no one likes getting stuck in a rut, right?  There was no real reason behind me picking up the Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser, other than it looked like a nice brand and it was slightly cheaper than Liz Earle:  A 125ml Bottle of the Sanctuary Cleanser comes with a cloth (I've no idea if it's muslin) and costs £10.50, whereas the Liz Earle Starter Kit (one muslin cloth and one 100ml pump) cost £14.25.

My first thoughts when I got this cleanser was how much I liked the no fuss squeezy tube - if only Liz Earle would do something similar - well now Liz Earle do!  So unfortunately no points for Sanctuary there.  The Sanctuary Spa cleanser smells lovely, like chamomile and (though I don't know if it's just me, as I can't see it on the ingredients list) also smell lavender -  which I love.  Though different to Liz Earle I don't think it smells any nicer.  I don't get that tingly deep clean feeling as much as with Liz Earle, which is a shame, but it does leave my skin feeling that tiny bit more moisturised than Liz Earle.  There is a slight residue after - which is perhaps the beeswax, listed as a moisturising agent - so I sometimes quickly wipe a cotton wool pad soaked with Bioderma over my face to remove it and have a clean base for moisturising!

The cloth itself seems that bit more synthetic than the Liz Earle muslin cloth, and though nice, doesn't seem to act an exfoliator as much as the Liz Earle ones do.  I tend to swap and change whether I use the Sanctuary or Liz Earle cloth depending on what type of exfoliation I'm after.

Overall I do enjoy the the Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser, it feels good on my skin, it won't replace Liz Earle but I'd definitely repurchase it!  

Have you given these, or any other hot cloth cleanser a try?  Let me know which are your favourites!

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