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When the 50 Facts About Me tag started to surface I was bit like - urgh, who cares and never read them!  Then people started breaking them down to 25, and it caught my attention.  I found myself loving the tags that I read, whether they were fun and light hearted or totally deep, honest and personal - I even found myself going back and reading the 50 factors!  So here I am with my 25...

1)  I've been vegetarian for over 10 years.

2)  I fell in love with Italy after attending a summer school at the British School of Rome whilst at Uni.  I had the best time ever visiting archaeological sites around the city.

3)  This experience inspired me to learn Italian.  I took evening classes after work at both GCSE and AS level.  The courses have finished but I'm still trying to learn!

4)  I don't drink tea.  It's one of my most antisocial qualities.

5)  I always wanted to get a horse called Hazel when I grew up.  It hasn't happened.

6)  I have a scar on my eyebrow (accident as a baby) and on the palm of my hand (bit by an Alsatian).

7)  I did geography A-Level because I wanted to be a weather girl.

8)  I used to hate olives but now I'm addicted to them!

9)  I'm a teeny tiny 5'4.  I wish I was taller.

10)  I live for my holidays.

11)  I don't like my teeth.

12)  Malta is like my second home.

13)  I think I might be addicted to fizzy drinks.  I hate that fact.

14)  I got engaged in Rome.  Chris proposed in italian ♡

15)  I love films, but don't have a favourite  Who could choose just one?!

16)  I probably have enough fancy dress outfits to start a shop!

17)  I'm obsessed with reading.  I love everything from fantasy to thriller, historical drama to chick lit.  I particularly love a series of books - the obsession can last longer!

18)  I'm happy in my own company, but get depressed when I'm lonely.

19)  I was massively into pop punk, metal, rock and ska up until finishing uni.  Now, not as much, but I still hold a soft spot!

20)  I'm really bad with names.

21)  I don't particularly enjoy driving.   It's a way to get from A to B, but I much prefer being a passenger!

22)  I always order the same thing at Wagamama.  No.27 - no mushrooms (I hate mushrooms, which can be awkward when you're vegetarian!) 

23)  I went to Newcastle University and studied Ancient History.

24)  My niece, Sophia, is Maltese.  She's just turned 2 years old and is the most fun ever.  Visiting her in Gozo is my favourite thing to do.  Ever.

25)  I'm half Irish.

Well done if you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed it!  If you've done this tag, post me your YouTube or blog post links below.  I love having a nosy!

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  1. I wanted a horse too, but I wouldn't have called her Hazel ;-)
    Nos. 8 - 11 me too. Totally.
    Agree with movies and books and can't remember names either but I never forget a face...
    I think you have the most romantic proposal story - so lovely...
    I'm going to have to do one of these posts!

    1. Lovely comment, thank you! Let me know if you do this tag!


  2. Great post!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Do check out my blog!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I've loved reading your blog, I'm going to India in 3 weeks so it's been fab checking out indian style and beauty on your blog! xxx


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm glad to know that you are going to visit India. I hope you would like my country. I'm following you. Hope you will do the same <3

  4. I'm so jealous that you got engaged in Rome...and he proposed in Italian...sounds so perfect! Lucky girl x


  5. I love love love this blog post! Here's my own version of the 25 facts:

    I'm also very short and I love reading! How ironic! Haha xo

  6. I have only just started writing a blog and i really love your blog. i wrote my own 25 Facts About Me post http://berrybeautyblogging.blogspot.co.uk/


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