Picture Update #28

A lovely mini lavender pillow decorating my bed post, a gift from the new Leeds based vintage clothing line Pure Heritage - check them out!  //  Loving my new Balenciaga bargain sunglasses from TK Maxx!  //  Chucking out some dead/ crap products!!

Shamelessly setting devices to my blog page in the Apple Store!  //  Wagamama's baby!  //  There is a car under all this white stuff - Chris' parents house in Normandy!

McDonald's on road trip from Leeds to Cardiff  //  Cardiff Docks  //  Ginger Joe aka Charlotte!

Chillin' with my fave newly weds!  //  My new amazing phone cover!  //  Manflu - is this a joke?

The new Trinity Leeds looking pretty at night  //  Trinity Leeds looking pretty covered in snow!  //  Trinity Leeds fail!

Beetroot and goats cheese risotto - I want to eat pink food all the time! //  Yep, we've still got snow at the end of March!  //  A Starbucks to warm me up!

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