REVIEW: Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Powder

Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Powder Beauty Blog review
Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Powder Beauty Blog review
Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Powder Beauty Blog review

I'm really not a foundation wearer.  Other than the odd time on a night out, I put my BB Cream on in the morning and that's me done for the day.  You can probably count the number of powder foundations I've owned in my life on one hand.  For some reason they intimidate me, I can only explain it by the fact I don't really like the powder look and I feel like I have to spend more time applying a powder to make it look natural.  This probably sounds strange from someone with oily skin, but I do prefer the dewy look and I'm happy to simply blot me skin throughout the day rather add layer upon layer of powder.

I was introduced to the Hello Flawless custom cover up powder at the launch event for Fake Up in Leeds (which I love and am wearing under my eyes in this picture - review coming soon!) and I'm so glad the lovely team gave us it to try - I'm a new powder convert!  Benefit's Head Make-Up artist artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon colour matched me to the colour Champagne and I think she was spot on.

The great thing about the Hello Flawless is that it is exactly what it's full name suggests, completely customisable.  Tucked away in the ventilated compartment are both a sponge, for spot cover up, and a super soft brush to create that sheer finishing powder look.  Where I get more spots around my jaw line I press on the powder using the sponge, I think it does a fab job at covering up my spots.  I don't even need to add concealer!  Everywhere else I lightly brush on the powder - maybe not great to do alone if like a heavy coverage, but if you do it's easily buildable.  With the small amount I put on, Hello Flawless doesn't keep shine away for a full day, but it's lightweight enough to brush on throughout the day without ever getting cakey.

It's the 1 year anniversary of the Hello Flawless range and to celebrate Benefit are currently offering 10% off the liquid and powder foundations online, just enter 'wow' at checkout!

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