REVIEW: LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser Beauty Blog Review

Ultrabland is a cleanser like I've never experienced before.  I'd heard it mentioned from time to time on the internet - to mixed reviews, but I didn't pay much attention until I was browsing a LUSH store a few weeks ago.  I was impressed when the sales assistant told me that it was one of the best selling cleansers and that the LUSH founders swear by it.  I even had a little in store demonstration that left the skin on the back of my hand feeling extra soft.

With an impressive list of natural ingredients, such as almond oil, beeswax, honey and rose water, Ultrabland is meant to be great for all skin types, even very sensitive skin, without causing any irritation or reaction.  It is even said to work to bring problem skin back to balance.

First impressions when I was throwing Ultrabland all over my face was the smell, it's not great.  It's not too strong that it's completely off-putting, but it's seriously not nice - you can really smell the bees wax!  The beeswax and almond oil create a very thick, and very strange waxy-oily cream, which I smooth all over my face at night.  The more you rub it in the more greasy the product becomes on the skin, but it's at this stage that I seem to feel the honey does it's job at soothing and moisturising.  Ultrabland is gentle enough to rub over your eyes, and does a really good job at removing eye makeup.

Now the most controversial aspect of the product seems to be in it's removal, I think this may be where it gets a few complaints.  Instructions tell you to 'lift away with a damp cotton pad', I'm telling you it's not all as easy as all that!  The waxy residue left on the skin takes absolutely ages to remove with cotton pads, the first time I used the product I literally felt like I was stood at the sink all night and not getting anywhere, so I ended up lifting the remainder off with MAC Cleanse Off Oil!

Now I use a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser, which works a lot better, but this still leaves a slight residue on the skin - which I find ok on a night.  My skin is left feeling really soft, comfortable, soothed and very clean!  I can't imagine using this product an a morning, my skin can be oily enough as it is through the day without the extra 'treatment' that I feel Ultrabland gives, but also because I often just don't have the time before work!

Have you tried LUSH's Ultrabland?  Let me know what you think of this or any other their cleansers!

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  1. I tied this cleanser a few years ago and I really didn't like it, the smell was way too overpowering for me, to the point that it started making me feel sick, it also left a sticky residue on my skin so I gave it to my friend. So it's a no for me :(

    1. Yeah I've read a few reviews where people have said the same. I totally agree about the smell, I don't like the smell of honey never mind beeswax! I got the same residue when removing it with cotton wool - but a muslin cloth works great! Now my skin is just left lovely and soft!


  2. I have only tried the Herbalism cleanser which I am still unsure about, like this it does leave a residue if not removed with a muslin cloth, it is a shame that they don't have a simpler cleanser!

  3. I have tried it for the first time today. And I also find it smells a little weird. So far my skin feels soft, and I was able to see a noticeable difference in how my skin feels cleaner.

    The girl at the store told me that a few people find it difficult to come off, and told me to just use a cloth with hot water. Seems to have come off for me! I can still feel some of the beeswax on my face, but it isn't unpleasant or otherwise uncomfortable.


  4. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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  5. love your review! I just recently got some Ultrabland and I thought I put body butter/body oil on my face! I'll try to use it differently now. Thanks!

  6. I swear by this cleanser, its so gentle and with consistent use my skin is softer and more clear. I like the idea of using muslin cloth, I usually use a very warm facecloth, but will switch to muslin due to it being more gentle. Using a rosewater toner afterwards removes any residue.


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