OUTFIT: Old York

I feel so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful city like York.  When I fancy doing a bit of shopping and taking in some fabulous historic sights it's always the place I go - sorry Leeds!  We had such lovely sunny but it wasn't until after wondering round the shops for hours and eating the most food ever at Wagamama's (you might seen a lot of pictures up on my instagram!) that I thought to take outfit pictures.  Still, the pictures came out ok.

I've been loving these red wine 'disco pants' by naanaa clothing.  Though more like wet look leggings with a zip and pockets than the actual thick material of disco pants, the colour is my favourite at the moment.  I do kind of struggle to decide what to wear with them though, but as it wasn't too cold I went for a classic t-shirt and my favourite coat (well second favourite now, as I picked up a new from Zara on this shopping trip to York!

Let me know what you wear with these type of leggings.  I hope, for those of you not near the city, you enjoy having a peak at what some of it's like from the pictures!

Missguided Jacket  |  Primark 'The Mickey Saga' T-Shirt  |  NAANAA Red Wine Disco Pants*  |  Cloggs.co.uk Heeled Chelsea Boots  |  John Rocha Bag (old)

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Fashion Blogger Red Disco PantsFashion Blogger Red Disco Pants



  1. Such beautiful scenery, you're very lucky! Love this jacket

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  2. awh! i love york, i went to college there and on the summer days just chill by the river! so beautiful! xo


  3. I live near York too! Lovely photos :) xx

  4. Ton tee à l'air trop chou :)

  5. I live near York too and it's such a lovely city, so pretty, especially in summer :-)

  6. Love the coat :)



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