Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog!

My name is Charlotte, I'm 24 and living in Yorkshire, the UK.

I'm an aspiring Italian speaker, currently -not necessarily successfully- studying for an Italian AS Level at evening classes after work, and I love all things Italian! Especially the food :)

I live for my holidays!! Anything to get away from the often way too miserable British weather! I'm lucky enough to have been to a number of countries across Europe, to America and New Zealand (where I happen to be in the photo, taken during a trip there in December 2010)I'm sure I'll be sharing any future holidays pics and goings-on with you all!

I'm a blog addict... which ultimately was my inspiration in creating this blog - a couple of years after reading blogs on everything from book reviews, news and cooking to fashion, make-up and celebrity gossip!

Apart from posting on twitter, I'm completely brand new to publishing anything at all online. I created this blog to record and share my current musings, interests and pastimes with you all, so I really hope you all enjoy this random collection of posts by me!

Charl x



I love reading and responding to your messages! Tell me what you think of this post in the comments below, or why not just say hello? If you've got a blog, leave me your link, I love finding new blogs to follow!