Random Photo: Athens {23 March 2008} & Welcome back Blogger!

Welcome back to Blogger!!

Friday the 13th has been a very frustrating day in the blogging world.  We were all having major withdrawal symptoms over the last 24 hours, but luckily I didn't lose any recent posts - like some of my favourite bloggers, I did lose a draft planned to be published today and also some comments from my lovely readers though!  I'm sorry I didn't get chance to respond to you but please do comment again!

I wouldn't say I'm thinking of moving my blog to WordPress just yet, but I definitely need to start thinking about methods of backing up my blog in some way.  What do you guys do to keep your blog safe incase site failures again?

Anyway, although I need to re-write my lost post I'm going to leave that one for another day.  In the meantime here is a random photo, and one of my fave's... to cheer me up! :)

I took this photo from the Acropolis in Athens, looking out over the city to Lycabettus Hill.  This was one of my favourite holidays.  I was visiting my friend, Zoe, who was living in Athens at the time and I fell for the city straight away.  The birthplace of European history, with amazing ancient ruins and museums, restaurants, shops and close to fabulous beaches what else could you ask for!

Come on Zoe!  When are we going back?!



  1. Haha, this just popped up on 'things I might like.' Super like! :) Amazing photo. We need to go back soon! X


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