A Country Walk

This is a slightly different post to my previous ones but I thought it'd be quite nice to share with you all!

A couple of friends and I fancied changing it up this weekend, we decided to make use of our proximity to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and head up there for a good old walk.  So we got in the car and set off to Bolton Castle in Wensleydale.

We chose a gentle 7 mile walk that took us on a circuit west from the castle, then south to the small village of Carperby where we then headed north-west back to Bolton Castle.  En route we walked through alternating sunny blue skies and very chilly wind and rain!  We ran for our lives away from sheep, scaled walls and fences, leaped over becks and streams and generally had lot's of fun, a laugh and good gossip!  Suffice to say, at the end of the walk we were ready to hit the warmth of the stunning tea room inside Bolton Castle.  I'm gutted that I didn't take any pictures inside the stunning castle, or tea room, where the fire was roaring within a grand medieval fireplace.  We all ordered a hearty leak and potato soup that came with the most amazing warm soda bread!  All the cakes served in the tea room also looked amazing, but we decided not to reverse all the good work from the walk too much and just shared a slice of yummy victoria sponge cake ... we needed to save ourselves for the drinks we had planned in Leeds that evening!

I hope you enjoy these pictures from the day...

A beautiful rainbow, one of many we saw on the walk!
The rolling hills of Wensleydale
Attempting to cross a stream
Nearly there, Bolton Castle
Bolton Castle beautifully framed by a rainbow
A colourful little guy



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