I'm Currently Enjoying... Stylist Magazine

Issue 66
23 February 2011

Whilst sat on the sofa, I glanced at this weeks copy of Stylist magazine on my coffee table and couldn't help but think what a great read it was, particularly for a free magazine!

If you're based in the UK you'll probably have seen those people stood in your local town centre handing out the free copies of the magazine.  If you don't already accept your free copy, I'd very much recommend that you do next time you spot them in town!

Published weekly, Stylist covers fashion, beauty, real life, travel, celebrity gossip and more with class and, well, style... in my opinion pretty much to the same extent and quality as Grazia magazine.

If you've missed out on previous issues or are outside the UK, you can catch up on all the back issues of this great magazine and more online at http://www.stylist.co.uk/

Do you read this magazine?  What do you think of it?



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