Black Maxi Dress


Despite the over 30 degree heat, I opted for a simple black maxi dress for a trip to the historic City of Caen and stunning port of Honfleur.  This black maxi dress from H&M is very light weight, so light weight in fact that it's actually transparent!  So I wore a plain black underskirt from Primark underneath to save flashing my knickers!  The dress also has a nice net detail on the back, sorry I didn't manage to get any pictures though... maybe next time!

Caen is a lovely city, the architecture is amazing!  There is so much history, with it being William the Conquerer's resting place and there are also a couple of Sephora's, which we Brit's swarm to when in Europe because there aren't any stores in the UK!  ...I'll probably do a separate post showing you what I got :-)

Onto Honfleur, and I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of this town town brimming with artisans.  I could've stood and stared the buildings for hours, which down by the marina reminded me of the canal front architecture of Amsterdam.  After a gorgeous meal at Gino's Italian Restaurant we did a spot of window shopping, where I was tempted with a pretty little amber ring!

If you're in Europe, I hope you've all been enjoying the fabulous weather the last few days!
Have any of you visited Caen or Honfleur before?

Dress:  H&M
Underskirt:  Primark
Bag:  Miu Miu
Sandals:  Urban Outfitters
Belt:  Warehouse:
Scarf (tied round bag):  Primark
Bracelets:  Miss Selfridge, Whistles, Primark
Amber Ring:  A small shop in Honfleur
Nail Varnish:  Dirty Pink by Urban Outfitters



  1. I love the place!!!
    The belt and the bangles are my favourite part...
    I follow you, beautiful blog!

  2. Love your outfit here! Gorgeous pictures.


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