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I mentioned in my last post that whilst in Caen, Normandy, I stumbled across a Sephora, which I was very excited about! (Hence the title of this post... think Shakira's Hips Don't Lie.  Hehe!)  I wish I had known there'd be a Sephora in Caen otherwise I'd have done a bit more research on what to buy, but here's a quick post on the bits I did purchase.

Sephora Sculpting Disk

I'm a big fan of bronzer and love a bronze and highlight combo, this is why I was initially drawn to the Sculpting Disk.  I picked it up though because this palette also came with a matifying powder, always great for controlling my oily skin!  On initially swatching the three products in store, my first thoughts were that this would be better saved for autumn / winter, as I've got the faintest hint of a tan at the moment and the colour payoff seemed quite light.  However, I tried out the palette this morning and three colours look fabulous together and complement my colouring at the moment.  I very pleasing purchase!

Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour Lipstick

I might have mentioned previously in this blog that I'm not a big lipstick wearer.  I can't stand a drying lipstick, nor having to constantly reapply it during the day.  That's why I usually go for a lip balm or gloss... moisturising and a lot less maintenance!  Sephora's Lip Attitude Glamour Lipsticks have definitely changed my attitude though.  I bought G19 Innocent Beige, though the pictures show it as more of a peachy pink tone,  I absolute the glossy and hydrating finish it gives and went for a natural colour because I generally prefer to put more makeup on my eyes.  The colour doesn't last quite as long I would like but I'll probably using this a bit more like a balm anyway because it actually smells lovely and I love how soft it leaves my lips.  I think the packaging is très chic also! :)

Sephora Nectar Shine Lipgloss

This lipgloss actually ended up coming home with me mainly because it was in the sale, 5€ bargain!  The packaging has a handy little brush applicator and is quite large so you get quite a lot of product.  The Peach Shine colour I chose is again very pretty and natural, with shimmery flecks it complements the Lip Attitude Glamour Lipstick beautifully. Yesterday was absolutely scorching so I thought the SPF 8 was a welcomed extra too!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

I don't have many pigmented primers so saw this purchase, pretty much as a necessity!  :-) The Aqua Cream is actually an all purpose product which can be applied to eyes, lips and cheeks, however because I chose this bronze-metallic colour I'll only be using this on my eyes.  The pigment is amazing and really build-able, the biggest plus however is that the waterproof element means that it really doesn't crease!

Sephora Lacquer and Matte Nail Polish

To be honest, I'm over run with colours like the City Amazon Lacquer nail polish, but this is slightly greyer, more cement like than what I've got so I deemed it justifiable!  The very pale, fine glittery Any Way Any Where polish dries to a lovely matte finish.  This is just very different to anything else I've got and I think it's a nice summery alternative to the beige tone colours I usually go for.

I've got a few more days in France so you never know, I may get chance to pop into a Sephora again... I hope so!  The shop assitants were very friendly and even gave me a few body lotion samples!  :-)
Is there anything that you would recommend?  I'm particularly interested in the brands you can't easily find in the UK.  I'd love it if you could let me know about any of your favourite Sephora products in the comments below!



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