Picture Update #1

One of my favourite aspects of reading blogs is being able to nosey into other peoples lives!  The popular weekly round ups with phone photos is one of my faves... yeah ok, I love to see where people have been, what they were wearing and what they ate!  Hmmm, haha!  So, here is my first weekly round up, which actually is about a week and a half's round up, but hey! :)

A very pretty and cheap George at Asda dress I spotted in a magazine | Vege miso soup at Tampopo | We ordered an iPad 2!  Now we are looking for a good cover :) | An old plane at the Yorkshire Air Museum, where we went for my Granddad's 80th | I watched Never Let Me Go for the first time, I loved the book (read my review here) and thought the film was great! | View of Millennium Square, Leeds, on a sunny Friday evening | The amazing Jack Daniels Cake my cousin made for my boyfriend | A crazy looking bug in my yard | My lame attempt at Dalmatian print nails :(



  1. Thanks hun, though I think I need A LOT more practice! lol :-)

    P.S. I'm a big fan of your blog!


  2. gorgeous post ! and oh I personally love your nails ;) <3

  3. really nice blog!
    If you want follow me on blogger
    I will do the same!

  4. @ Margaret - thank you for the lovely comment! I'm def gonna practice more with the nails, there are so many amazing designs that are v popular at the moment... If I het better I'll try and do a post! :-)

    @ Sabrina - thank you for the comment, glad you enjoy my blog! :-)


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