A Day At Home

This is what I wore for a day at my parents, sheltering from the rain and spending time with family.

Top:  Primark
Trousers:  Topshop
Sandals:  Aldo
Necklace:  Primark
Bracelets:  Primark

My mum cooked an amazing Sunday dinner and I'm still absolutely stuffed as I write this!  We wanted to go for walk today, the weather was really nice yesterday, and OK this morning come to think of it!  However, the heavens opened in the afternoon and we ended up stuck in the house!  It wasn't too bad though, I was able to spend the day cuddling up to this little cutie...

My sister, her boyfriend and gorgeous baby, Sophia, are visiting from Malta at the moment.  The last few days I've been busy with family get-togethers, and we've planned plenty more to come this week.  So with work as well, I may not have too much time for blogging... do bear with me for the next week or so!



  1. You look lovely :) love the trousers :) x

  2. Hey jsut stumbled upon your blog, I love those shoes, they're so cute!

  3. You look gorgeous!! And I see it runs throughout your entire family!! ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. love the colour of those jeans xxxx

  5. @ Corrie - thank you so much! The trousers are so comfy too, I've practically been living in them since I got them! X

    @ Desert Fox - thank you!! I love them too, they are actually a charity shop find courtesy of my mum, I absolutely loved them when they first came out in Aldosterone last year but they sold out nearly everywhere! I was so pleased when she came across them!!

    @ Wida - thank you, too kind! Sophia is beyond adorable though! I'm really gonna miss her cute little face when she goes home to Malta! :-(

    @ Kirsty - Thanks hun! A recent purchase, though I don't know what I used to wear before them! Lol!


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