Put A Knuckle Ring On It!

I picked up this ring at H&M while stood in the queue to pay for a dress, at just £3.99 it was such a bargain I just had to share it with you!

If anyone is interested, my nail varnish is Gosh, Black Passion 553.

Also, I just wanted to say thank you and hello to all the lovely people following my blog!  50 followers is probably very modest compared to a lot of blogs out there, but when I started I honestly didn't even imagine that many people visiting my random ramblings, never mind following!



  1. I love that kind of ring!!


  2. I love that ring it's really different. And it looks more expensive than that, like it could've been a couple of hundred quid!
    I was on H&M's website before (linking it to my blog) and they've got a sale on, definitely worth checking out :)


  3. love this! xx


  4. Everybody wants their rings to be best. The above rings are classy and attractive and will surely give a great look.


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