Picture Update #2

At York train station, at 6:30 to catch a train to London | In London | Some fancy cars in the lobby of my London office | I want these River Island Shoes! They remind me of JLo's Louboutin's | This week I dug out the wii fit... I'm slowly finding the motivation to get fit! | The iPad arrived this week! I've been utilising it by watching Made In Chelsea in bed! | Cuddles with my lovely little niece... she's visiting all the way from Malta | Some of the family cooing over baby Sophia! | A pic of my dog , Flo, looking particularly cute!



  1. love shoes !!!


  2. Ooh great post, those shoes are gorgeous! Good luck with getting fit, I'm on day 13 of the 30 day shred and however much I want to look good on the beach- chocolate keeps calling my name! Also MIC was fab tonight! I want to go to Cannes! x

  3. @ Targhrid & Kamila - I know, think they're now at the top of my shopping list!!

    @ Corrie - Wow well done on doing 13 days of 30 day shred!! I love that DVD, actually got a post about on my blog ...one of my early posts, but I've never managed to keep it going for any decent length of time! I will do a few days in a row and then just ache so much that I end up taking a big break! Gotta love a bit of Gillian's tough love though! Let me know how you get on :-)

    Charlotte xxx

  4. @ Corrie - btw... I forgot MIC was in Cannes this week! I missed it tonight, boo, def gonna have watch it on catch up tomorrow!! X

  5. Oooh as everyone else said LOVE those shoes! :) All of the photos are fab though1

  6. Looks like an interesting week! :) I'm kind of getting into the idea of buying an iPad, I hated them before :P I think I'm going to start doing My Week in Pictures posts too :) xx


  7. How gorgeous is Flo! I'm loving watching Made in Chelsea from under my duvet :) x

  8. beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx


  9. Thank you for the lovely comments ladies!




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