Bonjour De Normandie!

Yesterday my boyfriend, Chris, and I arrived in sunny Normandy to visit Chris' parents who live here, a stone throw from the beach!  Northern France, like most of Britain I think, is experiencing a mini heat wave at the moment, so we decided to go for a long stroll along the beach!  I have to warn you that this is a very picture heavy post, but I wanted to show you all some of the lovely scenery, and even a few of the little creatures we came across today... there were loads of ladybirds on the beach (see if you can spot one in the pictures below), and we met two funny characters on the way home!

Top:  River Island
Trousers:  Primark
Belt:  H&M
Sandals:  Urban Outfitters
Bag:  Miu Miu (an amazing charity shop find by my mum!)



  1. aww you look really pretty in all these pics :) XOX

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  3. Thanks for the great pictures. Loved your outfit and photos of such a vast stretch of beach. I didn't know you had ladybugs at the beach. I rarely see them here, at least not at beaches I have lived.
    I thought it was sweet when you mentioned a heatwave at 25C. It's summer here in South Australia where we have had record breaking weeks with temps in the 40s. No biggie, most people have air-con and hide - or go to the beaches until a cool change arrives.


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