REVIEW: Lush Retread Conditioner

So far I've been kind of a 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it' kind of blogger.  I definitely take this attitude out with me when I'm reading other peoples blogs.  If someone posts something that I don't agree with, styles an outfit in a way that I think looks ridiculous or ridicules/ raves about a product that I love/ hate, I just think 'oh well' and move on.  Everyone has their own opinions, style and things that work for them, I'm still interested in what others have to say.  Moreover, if I read a less than positive review on something I'm often quite grateful as I'm often spared time, effort and money, which could have been wasted on a product that's less than great.

That's why I've decided to do a quick post on my experience with Lush's Retread Conditioner.

However, before I go on I'd like to say a few nice things.  Firstly, I really like Lush as a brand and unlike a lot of people I know, I love the smell of the stores as I walk by.  Their soaps and bath bombs are a great little luxury.  I think it's great that they are an ethical company, sourcing fresh ingredients, not testing on animals, not using unnecessary packing and promoting recycling.  Their staff are generally really helpful and friendly too.  Secondly, and on to the Retread conditioner itself, I think it smells lovely, it reminds of sweets and particularly the parma violets sweets I used to eat as a kid!  I always got complements that my hair smelt great after using this conditioner.

So, what do I think about performance?  First of all here's what Lush say about this product on their website:

Triple strength conditioner for extra softness. As with so many Lush products, Retread appears to resemble a cholesterol-laden pudding. It is scented with violets and oranges with a hint of sensual musk. We dip our hands in and plaster the super-smoothing cream all over our hair for the seaweed, yoghurt, cantaloupe melon and jojoba oil to give seriously sad hair its shine back. Do not use it if your hair is lifeless and limp, Retread would squash it flat. Use it when your hair is feeling rough, harsh and wrecked. Retread will restore its sanity.

I wish I'd known this product shouldn't be used on limp or lifeless hair before buying as I'd definitely have reconsidered this purchase, and most likely saved myself the £8.99!  I went for this product as my hair was quite dry, more so at the ends, but very damaged and weak.  I wouldn't describe it as lifeless or limp, I've just got quite thin hair that was quite damaged from old highlights and over straightening.  What I was looking for was a super-moisturing, damage repairing conditioner that could be used a couple of times a week to revitalise my hair, so on telling this to the shop assistant in Lush, they recommended Retread.

After the first use of this product I actually quite liked it, my hair seemed quite soft and perhaps a little shinier, however that changed the more I used it.  The product would just build up and weigh down my hair, leaving it lank and unmanageable.  No matter how long I spent washing it out there always seemed to product in my hair after showering.  After over a week my hair seemed to get quite straw-like and was really hard to brush through... it was at this point that point that I stopped using Retread!

Have any of you guys used Lush's Retread before?  What did you think?  Let me know if there are any lush conditioners that you would recommend.

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  1. Hey, I've never tried any of Lush's hair products, but I have had some of the bath stuff before which smelt like bubblegum and was a great treat.
    With you needing a moisturising conditioner for damaged hair I'd recommend something like Phillip Kingsley's Elasticizer. It's really good, it makes your hair really soft and shiny. He actually created it for Audrey Hepburn!


  2. Thank you so much for the tip!! I'll keep an eye out for the Elasticizer! Soft and shiny is exactly what I'm needing at the moment! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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