BEAUTY: Everyday Makeup

I always thought that I was a minimal makeup kinda girl, but looking at my 'everyday' makeup all laid out in the picture above has given me a bit of a reality check!  I don't actually use all of these products every day, sometimes I'll skip eyeliner, sometimes foundation, and even though there are quite a lot of products, I try to use them in a minimal type of way rather than caking it on!  So, keep reading to see what I do for on average day.

After cleansing I'll always put on an eye cream.  I generally have quite oily skin but also suffer from pretty dry skin around the eyes.  I'm a bit of an eye cream obsessive, struggling  to find one where the effects last all day, but at the moment Clinique's All About Eyes Rich seems to be the doing the job!  My moisturiser of choice at the moment is Clinique's Moisture Surge.  One of the lovely ladies at Clinique advised my oily skin could predominately be down to dehydration as my skin often feels quite tight, I've always drank tonnes of water everyday,  so she recommended this moisturiser to help.  I like it, but it's not perfect so the search for perfection continues...

I only wear a primer if I feel the need to cover up my skin and cake on foundation or for a night out.  I actually don't often wear foundation during day tbh, and when I do it like a thin coverage.  Due to this, I don't have a favourite foundation that I regularly repurchase.  At the moment I'm enjoying Rimmel Match Perfection, it's blends in really easily and isn't too heavy.

For under-eye concealer I'm very loyal to both Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer and YSL Touche Eclat.  However, I recently fancied trying the currently popular YSL dupe, Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer and I like!  I recently also thought I'd try the L'Oreal Paris infallible concealer for those pesky spots, it's very nice but I think I'll be going straight back to Collection 2000 once it's run out.

The two things that I'll always wear on my face are blusher and bronzer, I usually go for a darker peachy kind of blush but recently I've been switching it up and using Clinique's Precious Posy, a really pinky colour.  I'm loving it on the apple of my cheeks.  My current bronzer of choice is the Barry M Natural Dazzle, I'll use this as a contour at the top of my cheekbones, on my temples, across my forehead towards my hairline, and a tiny bit on my chin and nose.

I have very light, sparse eyebrows so I fill them in lightly during the day, everyday, and a bit darker for a night out.  I have a scar on my eyebrow so shy away from brow powders, however I've reacted badly to some pencils.  No7 for example made my eyebrows really dry and sore!  I love Benefit's brow pencil, the product is really soft and creamy so doesn't dry out my skin at all.  As you can see from tiny stubby pencil, I use it a lot!

During the day I just sweep one colour across my lid, and at the moment it's usually a slightly shimmery taupey brown, like L'Oreal Paris' Brown Lame or No7's Truffle.  I like to highlight the brow bone and I'm loving the highlighter in Sleek's Contour Kit.  I often use this to brighten the inner corners of the eye and the top of the cheek bone.  Depending on how I feel, I sometimes skip eye-liner.  When I apply it for a day time look I'll often use a kohl pencil for that softer look, smudging into the water line and lightly along the upper lash line.  Mascara is a must for me, I'll use it pretty much everyday.  My fave's are Maybelline's Pulse Perfection, MAC's Zoom Lash and Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara's, all in black.

What do you think of my everyday makeup routine?  How does it compare to yours?



  1. Lovely, its a really nice natural day look!

    I want to change my day make up, I usually go for a neutral face (tinted moisturiser and a bit of bronzer/blush) and then just liquid eye liner flicks with a coat of mascara.

    But I'm thinking of giving the eyeliner a miss for a while and trying a neutral eye shadow so I might go and buy L'Oreal Brown Lame as it looks really pretty.

    Manda xx

  2. Really good post I may have to o a similar one ;) I have used the L'Oreal Paris infallible concealer and I think it is REALLY good also! I love clinique soo much! but its a little out of my price range :( since i'm still at school. I think you do your make-up so nicely; like not too much and cakey and not too little and worthless! the only thing i'd suggest you think about using is a pressed powder or setting powder as (may just be the camera/flash :L) you face is a little bit shiny :)

    and also I thought i'd let you know that i added you to my favourite blogs list om my blog..

    Thanks charlotte keep it up! X

  3. @ Manda - Brown Lame looks even better in real life than in the pictures, it's def worth checking out!

    @ Libby - I'd love to see your everyday makeup, you should def do a post about it! Post a link back here if you do it! Thanks for the tip, yeah I get v oily, esp towards the end of the day, like when this picture was taken... so unfortunately I can't just blame the flash! :) I've tried a few powders however non seem to make much of a difference, they look great for a few hours bt that's it. Are there any that you could recommend?

    Charlotte x

  4. well I acctually have very dry skin so I dont have much of a problem with oilyness but rather flakyness :/ but I got the bare essentuals mineral veil and it is very good quality! but may be a little to pale for your more tanned skin and I have rimmel stay matt pressed powder atm which for my friend who does have oily skin works well. Sorry i cant be of better help :(

  5. umm i just found that the mineral veil is 10% off at debenhams :/ i dont know if you have that where you live :P


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