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How excited was I when I came home to this little package of goodies!!

Eyes Lips Face Haul


Last week I took advantage of an offer e.l.f. had on, 50% off bamboo brushes... did any of you notice my tweet and take advantage of this great offer too?

I've bought a few bits and pieces from e.l.f. before and so when ordering the brushes I couldn't help but add a few more items to my virtual shopping basket!

Eyes Lips Face Brushes

I've bought a number of brushes from the e.l.f studio line in the past and have been really impressed with the quality verses price.  I honestly get less hair fall out with the e.l.f brushes than I do with my MAC ones, and for roughly £3.50 a brush, I still find this fact absolutely amazing!  I repurchased the famous powder brush from the studio line, which I love and used it to within an inch of its life.  I think they have changed the hair used as it this new brush seems way softer than my first, and I didn't think it was possible to be even more happy with this brush!

The Bamboo Brushes, a little more expensive than the studio line, but at £5.50, still at a fraction of the price of more high end brushes.  I am absolutely in love with the Bamboo Brushes, which have really soft, antibacterial Taklon bristled brush.  It's even better that these brushes are 100% cruelty free with a natural and sustainable bamboo handle!  The brushes aren't quite as soft as MAC or bobbi brown for example, however they give pretty much just as good a finish and look just as high end as bobbi brown.

So, I didn't just get make-up brushes from e.l.f...

Across the top:  Eyebrow Kit in Dark
Middle and bottom rows (L-R):  Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in nice & natural, Studio Single Eyeshadow in Saddle, Studio High Definition Powder

Firstly, for a price tag of between £3.50 and £6.00 per item, I think e.l.f.'s packaging is fabulous, really sleek and stylish.  However I have to say that, as is the case when buying a lot of make-up products on line, the colours of the products I bought weren't quite what I was expecting.  Saying that, I'm still really happy with all that I bought!

I've wanted this Eyebrow Kit for sooo long, after reading countless rave reviews online comparing it to Benefit's Brow Zing.  Plenty of other people must have had the same idea though, the colour that would probably be best suited to me, medium, has been sold out forever!  In the end I decided to just go for the dark and I love it!  The gel is very dark but once I've used the lighter powder to set and fill in my brows, I'm left with the perfect colour.  This product is so easy to use, however the brush that comes with the kit is a little too small.  I think I'll only be using that brush in an emergency!

What can I say about the Conditioning Lip Balm?  It's very softening, I love the colour and a little SPF is always handy!  Particularly as I'm not really a lipstick person, this is a great product for giving you that hint of colour.  I'm definitely going to get this in a few more colours, mellow melon is next on my list!

The Single Eyeshadow in Saddle is a bit more burgundy than I expected.  The image online seemed a lot more of a true brown, but it's still just the kind of colour I love.  You get a lot of the product and the pigmentation is really great, you can layer up and blend the eyeshadow to create a really fab look!

The High Definition Powder was a bit of a spur of the moment, last minute addition to my shopping basket.  I'd heard some really great things and really wanted an invisible powder to control the shininess that I'm prone to.  I think I am probably still getting used to this product though as it seems to make me a bit paler than I'd like.  I possibly just need to learn how to apply it with a lighter hand, however the large holes in the packaging doesn't make picking up a small amount of product easy.

The final item I bought from e.l.f.  was something that if there was anything I was slightly disappointed in it was this, the Daily Brush Cleaner.  When I opened the package this product had leaked, the lucky thing is that it wasn't enough to have wasted too much of the product and even the packaging was soggy it didn't ruin any of the other products.  It's just a shame the packaging wasn't high quality enough to survive the postage, the plastic bottle does seem a little flimsy.  The product itself is great idea though.  I only really wash my brushes once a week, so to be able to easily disinfect the brushes in between uses is fab.  The cleaner does smell very alcohol / chemically and takes a while to dry, but if it helps prevent spots or keep brushes fresh for longer it's well worth it!

Have you bought anything from e.l.f?  Let me know about your favourite products!



  1. WOAH! you bought a lot! hahah I ordered the big face brush and the blush brozing brush (sorry dont know names) which are amazing for only £1.50!! and I still use them! and also the foundation brush but that was awful! I also go the bronzing powder in glow (i think) which was VERY shimmery so not ot my taste but it wasn't expensive so I don't mind. my sister and mum also sometimes use there brushes from elf and love them too! I was thinking about doing an elf order soon and you have definatly tempted me!!


  2. @ Libby - Haha! You're right it does look like a lot doesn't it!! All great value though, I think I got 10 items for about £30, I think it's always worth buying from e.l.f. when there's an offer on cos it's easier just to bulk buy from the website once in a while. Let us know if you end up buying anything else from the wbsite, I'd love to know what you think!

    @ Vintage process - thanks! Visit again soon :)


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