HOW TO: My Guide To Epilating

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Sunny bank holidays, warm evenings spent on the terrace of a bar and with summer just around the corner, there are more and more opportunities to have to get your legs out!  It was only this weekend that I first braved using my epilator since last summer... and oh boy was I nervous!  I really didn't need to be though so I thought share in this post my top tips to, well, just getting on with it!

I've had my Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Pro for a year now, and even though I conveniently forgot about it over winter, I really do think it's brilliant!  I'd been considering an epilator for some time before taking the plunge and purchasing, this, my first ever epilator, pretty much after reading a rave review by the fabulous Lollypop26 - please return to blogging Laura!!

I'd persevered with shaving all my life but shaving rashes and virtually constant regrowth was slowly wearing me down.  I was having to shave nearly early everyday in the summer to try and achieve the silky smooth look.  My poor little legs weren't liking at all and would be covered in red bumps after a couple of days shaving in a row.  I decided to try various hair removal creams, even though the most sensitive formulas would burn my legs!  Swiftly moving onto waxing.  A home kit was a disaster, taking off more skin than hair.  Getting waxed at a salon wasn't much better either, my legs would come out in the THE BIGGEST and most painful rash that would last days... and I'd still have patches of hair that needed shaving!

An epilator was my last option (other than laser removal, which I'm not quite ready spend the cash on) and it's one that I'm definitely sticking with.  So, on with my top tips!

★ The first time you ever epilate it's going to take time.  Make sure you've got an evening to yourself where you can occupy the bathroom without any distractions.
★ Shave your legs a few days before.  The longer your hairs are the first time you epilate, the more it hurts!  I think this is because the epilator tweezer has to grip the hair, then it tugs and finally it pulls the hair from it's root :-S  I've found that a millimetre or so is probably the perfect length.
★ Make sure the epilator is fully charged!  This may seem like common sense, but trust me, you don't want to epilate on low power.  Yes, the noise of a fast whirling epilator is quite intimidating but it's like ripping off a plaster, you don't want the tiny tweezers slowly dragging out each hair.  Ouch!
★ Exfoliate your legs beforehand, and keep it up afterwards.  Epilating is renowned for leading to ingrown hairs so I try to exfoliate, very lightly, every time I'm in the shower.
★ The Bruan Silk Epil can be used in water.  I found for the first couple of times epilating in the bath worked best.  A calm atmosphere relaxes the mind and helps eradicate any nerves.  A nice softening bubble bath softens the legs and helps the epilator move with greater ease.  Most importantly, the heat of the water itself acts as pain relief.
★ Get a good cream to apply to your legs while epilating.  Nothing too thick as you don't want to clog up the head, but anything that softens and helps the epilate glide over the leg will definitely help.
★ Don't start with the ankle!  For some reason this is most sensitive part of the leg.  Not good for a first timer!
★ Try to go as slowly as you can bear.  Racing the epilator up your leg is only going to prolong the experience, and ultimately the pain.  The tweezers won't be able to grab the hairs properly if you're rushing so you'll end up having to go over the same spot numerous times.  This alone could lead you to give up!
★  I've got very sensitive legs.  After epilating for the first time I did have a slight red rash and my legs tingled for a few hours after, but believe me this was nowhere near as bad as waxing, where the tangling lasted for days.  Make sure you've got a soothing cream to hand, I use a simple Aloe Vera gel.  You don't want anything that could clog your pores though as this could lead to ingrown hairs.
★  Persevere!  Yes it hurts first time but I can promise you, it does get better!  For me, after only the third attempt I had hardly any pain.  After that third session I have to say, I barely even felt the hairs being removed!  Absolutely amazing for someone with sensitive legs like me!

I really hope that this guide helps anyone of you who are considering epilating for the first time, or any of you who have perhaps tried it before but gave up.

If you have any questions on epilating do contacting me and I'll to try give you advise where I can.

If you have any tips that worked for you, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Really useful post- thanks hun!

    I've always shaved but braved a wax for holiday and it wasn't too bad at all, only problem is the inconvenience of having to make an appointment and go to the salon so have been thinking about an epilator!

    How often do you find you need to do it in the summer?

    Really glad I found your blog through Lucy's retweet, am loving it! x

  2. Love these tips Charlotte, you've inspired me to get out my epilator and not to give up halfway through like a wimp :)

  3. @ Manda - I totally agree with the inconvenience of booking waxing appointments, that is definitely another thing that pt me off! I found that my legs stay smooth for around 5 days after using an epilator, I epilated last Sunday and didn't have to epilate again till Friday... which is great for a gal that had to shave every day in summer!

    Thank you so much for the nice comment about my blog, and for following! Lucy was so kind to retweet my website!

    @ Catherine - thanks so much for the comment hun! Do it! Epilating is the way to go!! x

  4. WOW! just the post i've been looking for! I have never shaved but my mum does my waxing (hot wax in a pot :L) and this seems to grwo back realtivley quickly so i will definatley have a go at epilating soon! I am afraid to shave as because I have very dark hair it will cause the leg hair (atm are blonde supprisingly ) to get darker..? is it true? XX wow charlotte im becoming obcessed already! :P

  5. Great post. I am one of those girls who gets stubble almost immediately after shaving, gets painful razor burn even when I'm super careful, and never LOOKS smooth. I have never felt comfortable in a pair of shorts and especially not a swimsuit. I just started epilating a few days ago and I'm impressed so far, I think. I've got ingrown hairs just from shaving (yes I exfoliate) so my first time took forever with me having to free the hairs. The second time was much quicker and less painful. Some of the hairs broke off instead of being tweezed and I think it's because I went to fast over them. I still don't feel completely smooth, but I'm hoping that with continued use every other day I can get to that point in another week or two. If this works for me it will honestly be a miracle as I've had extremely low self esteem due to legs for as long as I can remember. *Crossing my fingers!*

  6. @ Libby - Glad you found the post useful. I'd definitely recommend epilating if waxing isn't working for you entirely. You're right, unfortunately shaving does make you hair grow back thicker and darker... at a fast rate too I'm sure! Another reason for me quitting shaving! The good thing about epilating is that it seems to make your hair grow back thinner and lighter! Yay!

    @ Laur - Sounds like my experience with shaving! A painful shaving rash while on holiday really doesn't help esteem at all. I'm glad you decided to try an epilator. It didn't take long at all for me to get the point where I only had to epilate once a week or so, so finger crossed for you too! Watch out for ingrown hairs, as you can get them with epilating, but good luck and keep me posted! :)


  7. hello, I tried epilating for a few times but I still gets stubble everytime after I epilate. What should I do?

    And also, can I put some moisturiser/lotion after epilating?

    Thank you.

  8. Hey girl, thanks for the advice!!
    I am a guy btw, but I HATE body hair. So legit I just used an epilator for the first time on my legs (just my lower half, took 2 HOURS, does it really take that long!?) I showered before and put lotion after it but I got sensitive legs too and I got bumps ALL OVER. I really hope they go away. I'm going on a cruise sunday and I hope it turns out okay...

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  10. I used a epilator on my lip now it is red and I have a bunch of bumps almost like pimples what can I do to help it go away.

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