The A-Z of Me

I really enjoyed reading about Beth, from Anchor of Roses, in her recent A-Z of Me post.  Like she said, this tag is really good fun and a really good way to share a little something of yourself with new followers, and seen as I've only really just started my blog, all my lovely followers are new!

Age:  25
Bed Size:  Double
Chores you hate:  Hoovering
Dogs:  The cutest dog on earth is little Border Terrier, Flo.  You can read a bit more about Flo here

Essential Start to your day:  I don't need tea or coffee to get going, a large glass of cold water is all I need!
Favourite Colour:  It varies all the time!  At the moment, peach
Gold or Silver:  Both, maybe slightly more gold
Height: 5"4
Instruments I play:  None, unfortunately
Job Title:  Performance Analyst :-/
Kids:  Maybe someday, not for a while though... I have lovely little nieces and a nephew to enjoy!
Live:  Leeds, UK
Mum's Name:  Sarah
Nickname:  Char, Charl, Lottie, Lala
One wish:  To win the lottery!  Seriously though, for all my friends and family to be happy and healthy in every aspect of their lives.  Awww!
Pet Peeve:  Rude people
Quote from a Movie: "You remind me of the babe..." - Labyrinth

Right or Left handed:  Right
Siblings:  A younger sister, Lucy.  Check out her fabulous blog here
Time you wake up:  Around 7 am during the week, it could be anytime on a weekend!
Underwear:  I wear it
Vegetables you dislike:  Mushrooms.  Urgh!!
What makes you run late:  Public transport
X-Rays you've had done:  Just teeth I think
Yummy food you make:  Apple and strawberry pie, my cousins amazing recipe!

Zoo Animals:  Meerkats & Gorillas!

I hope you enjoyed and I tag you all!  If you do this tag please leave me a comment below with links to your blogs, I'd love to read your responses!



  1. I'm so nosy I love these posts haha! I hate mushrooms too!!!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. perfect yourr blog honey..follow us and we will follow YOU back in the next few hours..kisses from GREECE :))

  3. Thanks guys! I love these kind of posts too! Let me know if you do one and I'll take a look, I love a good nosy too! :)


  4. Loved yours so I decided to do my own..

  5. What babe? ;)
    Babe with the power...Love that movie!

    Beauty Challenged


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