REVIEW: Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

As I'm sure you can see, I'm down to my very last drop of Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.  I actually got this sample sized bottle in a Clinique Bonus Time Gift bag.  While wondering when the next Bonus Time was, so that I could repurchase this product and get some lovely little freebies, I realised that if I like this product enough to buy the full sized version then why not let you guys know what I think about it!

Take The Day Off is great at removing every last trace of makeup, even heavy duty mascara and eyeliners, with perfect ease.  I don't really wear much lipstick, but it would definitely also do the same job there.  Even though I really know you shouldn't, I have been known to rub away at my eyes when I've been tired, just to get my makeup off quickly before bed.  However this just isn't necessary with Take The Day Off.  Thanks to the two-way formula, all you have to do is shake well and using cotton wool hold it to your lids for about 10 seconds, wipe very gently and voilà!  Every last scrap of makeup is gone!  The best bit about this product is that it doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest, even if it gets into my eye!  I'm prone to dry skin around my eyes and they can be pretty sensitive at times but I feel comfortable using this every single night, the formula even leaves the skin around my eyes feeling soft and slightly moisturised.

So, I'm definitely heading down to House of Fraser in Leeds between May 12th and 28th to pick up this eye makeup remover as well as the Clinique Bonus Time gift.  As Clinique themselves say, 'Clinique Bonus is a great time to discover what's new and your time to receive a great free gift filled with new products, classic favourites and exclusive items only available during Clinique Bonus.'  Click here find out the dates and locations of the Bonus Time offers near you!



  1. I was waiting for Clinique bonus time quite long. Now, I am ready to shop for Clinique products. Thanks for sharing the dates and locations of the Bonus Time offers near us!


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