My Best Dressed: Cannes 2011 Part 1

The Cannes Film Festival 2011 has been yet another triumph for fashion as the worlds top models, actresses, singers, designers and celebrities have all been battling to out shine each other at one of Europe's most stunning social centres.

Like most of the fashion loving public, I have been fiercely following what 'they' wore in Cannes over that last 11 days.  Here are my picks of the best dressed from each glamourous day of this French festival.  First up, Days One to Five.

Day One:
Fan Bingbing in a Traditional Oriental inspired gown

The stunning Chinese actress had all eyes on her as her gown, inspired by traditional Oriental dress, stole the show on the film festival's opening night.  Completely different from anything worn by other stars over the course of the festival, Fan Bingbing paid tribute to her asian culture with a white crane design and that beautiful train coming out from the top of the dress.  A great start to the festival which had everyone watching out for what Fan would wear next.

Day Two:
Rachel McAdams in Monique L'Huillier

Rachel controversially broke from red carpet tradition with this beaded bustier and linen trousers.  I love the style and detail of the beaded top and I love the idea of statement high wasted trousers on the red carpet.  I think the controversy behind Rachel's choice is possibly the linen trouser material, now this does look great but I think a more luxurious fabric was expected for the premier of Sleeping Beauty.  However, despite the slightly casual feel to this outfit I still think it stood out as one of the best on day two.

Day Three:
Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab

This was probably one of my favourite dress from the whole festival!  SJP stunned the fashion world on the red carpet, yet again, in this floaty floral A/W 2011 design.  The black lace at the waist, shoulder and sleeves really set off the shape of the dress and its print detail.  I loved the way the dress moved with Sarah Jessica too, elegantly billowing behind her, this dress really made SJP stand out from the crowd!

Before I move on to Day Four, there are some dresses I feel require a special mention from Day three, which for me was one of the best for fashion.

Firstly, Sarah Jessica Parker again.  SJP has received a lot of criticism for this Dolce & Gabbana outfit, which I just can't understand at all!  This white lace dress is amazing, I love the lace neck line and absolutely adore how SJP has accessorised the outfit.  The pearls and large belt really give the whole look a fab rocky edge.  Well done again Sarah Jessica.  I want this outfit!

Secondly, I wanted to mention the beautiful Chiara Ferragni.  The Blonde Salad fashion blogger, turned shoe designer, looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet!  Chiara wowed her followers in the blogging community in this Albeta Ferretti lace dress.  We've all really enjoyed following Chiara's Cannes journey on her blog and twitter... although with a hint of jealousy, if we are totally honest! ;-)  Really big well done Chiara, you are a true inspiration!

Day Four:
Alma Zack (centre)

It's absolutely crazy but I really struggled to find any decent pictures of Israeli actress Alma Zack in this fabulous black dress with red detail, so I'm sorry but I have no idea who the designer is!  I think the feminine shape with a high collar and sheer fabric is really stunning. The bold statement flower design is very on trend and it was this that made this one of a kind dress really stand out for me!

Day Five:
Elizabeth Olsen in The Row

The younger sister of Mary-Kate & Ashley loyally wore a design from her twin sisters new fashion range, The Row.  Elizabeth looked elegant, classy, timeless yet very modern in this back columned gown with a very flattering sequinned top.  I love the fact that she accessorised her understated wavy hair with a matching sequinned hairband.  Lovely.

I hope you enjoyed my picks from the first five days of The Cannes Film Festival 2011.
As always, let me know what you think of these outfits and let me know who your favourites were, I love hearing from you guys!

Stay tuned for Part 2, days Six to Eleven, coming soon!



  1. I would never wear pants to this event.
    But SJP looked amazing in the first dress :)

    xo lala

  2. I know what you mean about the pants, I really like the idea, and the top was lovely, but the linen material just didn't seem right.... :-/

    Be sure to check out part 2...


    My Best Dressed: Cannes 2011 Part 2


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